Fresh Take on "Windshield Time" Proves Valuable Way to Develop Sales Teams

Free white paper describes a deliberate methodology for conducting ride-alongs within a sales team

Atlanta, GA, June 20, 2012 – Everett Hill, President of Atlanta-based Catalytic Advisors, announced the release of his new white paper, "Management by Riding Around: A Proven Method for Driving Sales Effectiveness." Intended for sales leaders and general managers, the white paper is free and available for download on the Catalytic Advisors website.

The white paper's core methodology promotes direct field observation and is based on Hill's more than twenty years of sales leadership experience, during which he transformed organizations of up to 1,200 individuals. Hill says, "By replacing art with a proven methodology, the impact and productivity of sales leaders' field time can be significantly increased, resulting in a substantially more effective sales team."

By following the methodology, sales leaders can expect to accelerate sales performance. Hill’s topics include specific techniques for quickly assessing individual performance, how to bring challenging sales reps "on board," and how to identify and implement best practices. Properly positioned and executed, "management by riding around" (MBRA) can accelerate a sales transformation, grow a company's top line, and create sustainable competitive advantage.

Click here to download your free white paper and improve your sales effectiveness. The white paper includes a link to another free resource, a checklist for implementing MBRA across an organization.

About Catalytic Advisors & Everett Hill
Founded in 2011, Catalytic Advisors is a consultancy headed by Everett Hill, who helps CEOs drive business-to-business sales and service to world-class levels. Hill focuses on manufacturers and distributors, bringing a straightforward operator’s perspective to these industries. Through Catalytic Advisors, he helps clients develop solutions that make sense, that they’re committed to, and that effect real change in their performance.