Everett Hill, President of Catalytic Advisors, featured as expert panelist on Biz Rocket Radio

Atlanta, GA, August 29, 2012 – Everett Hill, President of Atlanta-based Catalytic Advisordescribe the images, appeared on a live broadcast of Biz Rocket Radio on Wednesday, August 28, 2012. Biz Rocket Radio is hosted by Jon Baker and is one of the talk shows on Atlanta Business RadioX. The show is "dedicated to helping you propel your business," according to its website.

Hill was joined by Bob Kelly, Chairman of The Sales Management Association; Jill Pollard, a certified executive coach; and Duane Gingrich, a strategic marketing and business development leader. The panel examined the topic, "Sales Coaching - Art or Science?"

When asked about his experience on the show, Hill explained, "My fellow guests and I had an excellent discussion about the recent emergence of individual coaching as a popular means of driving sales growth and to what degree sales coaching can be taught, or if it's truly an art. And the best part? Those who missed the live broadcast can listen to the podcast."

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About Catalytic Advisors & Everett Hill
Founded in 2011, Catalytic Advisors is a consultancy headed by Everett Hill, who helps CEOs build world-class b2b sales and service. Hill focuses on manufacturers and distributors, industries in which he earned a reputation as a successful sales leader and turnaround general manager. Through Catalytic Advisors, he helps clients develop solutions that make sense, that they’re committed to, and that deliver real change in their performance.