Building Winning Sales Strategies

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If your sales team is relentlessly in a fire-fighting, “gotta make my number” mode, it may have been awhile since your organization thought through how to compete over the long haul. Trouble is, a single-minded focus on winning today can compromise your ability to win in the future. It’s like repairing drywall cracks without addressing weaknesses in the foundation of the house.

The solution is to take a step back every so often to craft longer-range sales strategy plans. Unfortnuately, we frequently find clients' annual planning processes are focused solely on producing a budget. The familiar cycle begins again, without critically examining whether the company is selling the right products at the right price to the right customers with the right routes to market.

The Solution

At Catalytic Advisors we have significant experience developing detailed revenue growth plans using a comprehensive, collaborative process. Typical outputs include:

  1. Criteria defining which customers should be assigned to inside sales vs. field sales.
  2. Optimized field sales territories based on bottom-up activity modeling.
  3. Stronger support of the most important national accounts.
  4. Sales rep compensation aligned with company objectives.
  5. A sales organizational structure that can fully capitalize on market opportunities.
  6. Clarified Customer Service accountabilities vs. Sales accountabilities.
  7. Prioritized product and service offerings for each customer segment.
  8. Improved win/win outcomes in Distributor programs.
  9. Competitive repositioning of products and services.

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