Producing High-Quality B2B Sales Leads

The Challenge

Business-to-business marketing budgets took major hits a few years back as softening demand forced top-to-bottom reviews of every expense item. Marketing was especially vulnerable because of the long-standing difficulty of calculating its return on investment. Moreover, the traditional elements of a B2B marketing plan--such as tradeshows, print ads, and mailing lists--typically generate expensive leads of questionable value. It’s no wonder many sales reps are left to inefficiently fend for themselves by resorting to cold calling.

If cold calling and other traditional tools dominate your lead generation strategy, it’s time to explore alternatives. Technology has dramatically improved our ability to cost-effectively build awareness and loyalty. Surveys of practitioners* show that email marketing, sophisticated web techniques, and social media are not only fully in play for B2B marketers, they continue to increase their share of the marketing mix. By being an early adopter of this technology in your industry, you can get a jump on your competition.

* Marketing Sherpa 2012 Lead Generation Benchmark Report

The Solution

At Catalytic Advisors we cultivate a Rolodex of B2B marketing professionals in areas like inbound lead generation, branding, and content creation. Through these relationships, we’re equipped to help you build a marketing plan that:

  • Uniquely positions your products versus competitors, resulting in higher close rates and higher margins.
  • Generates warm leads for your sales force, freeing up their time to efficiently close more sales, faster.
  • Is flexible enough to be adjusted on the fly as results come in from a campaign.
  • Provides return on investment metrics at a detailed level.

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