Raising the Bar on Sales Effectiveness

The Challenge

Are you wondering how to improve sales performance? Legions of people stand ready to help. In the 100 years since the incomparable Dale Carnegie founded his company, it seems everyone who ever carried a bag (or pretends they did) offers a unique training program, a priStock 000005735314XSmalloprietary 5, 7, or 12-step selling process, or has written “the book” on the secrets of successful selling.

If you’re a CEO, business owner, or sales leader looking to jumpstart your sales growth, sifting through this cornucopia simply isn’t a productive way to spend your time. Sales training course offerings alone exceed 600. It’s not that these offerings are necessarily bad; much of it is decent stuff. But, even with thoughtful recommendations from people you trust, it’s still a crapshoot as to whether any particular sales methodology will positively impact your business. Here’s why:

  1. Your sales challenges are unique to your business. Solving them requires a diagnostic process.
  2. Good execution is crucial to success.

The Solution

Catalytic Advisors’ success lies in a holistic approach. We perform the diagnosis, write the prescription, and execute the treatment plan:

  • Our skill at diagnosis comes from personal experience assessing hundreds of sales professionals in sales calls across multiple industries, from local buyers to global headquarters.
  • We apply the basic concepts of “Lean” and “Six Sigma”--so successful with manufacturing processes--to design improved sales processes.
  • If sales training is part of the answer, we help our clients select the right training and the right delivery method.
  • Sales coaching is frequently an opportunity area. When we provide sales leaders with specific coaching skills, their sales reps more consistently achieve their objectives.
  • Last, nothing communicates more loudly than what you, the leader, use to track performance. We insure your metrics are aligned with your sales strategy, and that they roll out with maximum impact.

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