Announcing the Launch of Atlanta-Based Sales Consulting Firm: Catalytic Advisors

Atlanta, GA, August 14, 2011 – Veteran general manager and sales leader Everett Hill recently announced the launch of his sales consulting firm, Catalytic Advisors. The firm works with CEOs and business owners who lead manufacturing and distribution companies. Catalytic Advisors will help these companies develop custom solutions that improve sales performance for both the short and long term. Hill's approach is to work closely with a company's sales team to provide its members the tools to get better results.
Hill has been committed to sales performance his whole career. After earning an MBA from Harvard, he began learning sales “from the ground up” as a field sales representative for a small technology company. He went on to build a successful leadership track record at Coca-Cola Enterprises and elsewhere.

When asked why he founded Catalytic Advisors, Hill said, "I’ve always been told that the defining feature of my leadership style is challenging and enabling individuals to develop to their full potential. I wanted to do that every day, for businesses under $250 million in revenue, where improved individual and team performance immediately hits the bottom line."

Hill believes there are three fundamental building blocks to successful sales transformations: street-level insights, team engagement, and leadership growth. Using these building blocks, he plans to address a wide variety of challenges, including (but not limited to) poor revenue growth, major product introductions, eroding margins, and market share declines.

Based in Atlanta, Hill and his sales consulting firm will work with companies across the United States and beyond.

About Catalytic Advisors & Everett Hill
Founded in 2011, Catalytic Advisors is a sales consultancy headed by Everett Hill, a trusted advisor to CEOs and business owners in manufacturing and distribution. Hill delivers breakthrough top line results by bringing his straightforward operator’s perspective to sales challenges. Through Catalytic Advisors, he helps organizations develop solutions that make sense, that they’re committed to, and that effect real change in their sales performance.