Selecting and Implementing Sales Tools

The Challenge

If your sales and customer service representatives are spending too much time on internal processes and not enough adding value for customers, the solution may be to upgrade their iStock 000018209060XSmalltechnology.

Sales force productivity has improved dramatically over the last twenty years with the evolution of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. The term “Sales 2.0 tools” was recently coined to describe the dizzying array of solutions that now promise additional sales force effectiveness on top of CRM.

Unfortunately, disappointing ROIs from sales tools are all too common. These missteps are typically the result of choosing the wrong solution or mismanaging the implementation.

Time and again what distinguishes successful initiatives of this type is resource commitment from the top supporting the undertaking as a strategic imperative, not an IT project.

The Solution

Catalytic Advisors can lead any or all of the following project stages. We apply industry-recognized best practices and we have proven our approach in a number of high-profile projects:

  1. Identify and prioritize the high-frequency sales and customer service activities that technology should enhance. This keeps the project focused on what matters.
  2. Conduct an unbiased vendor selection process by assessing technical fit and total cost of ownership. For technical fit we typically evaluate the vendor’s ability to meet hundreds of business requirements that we gather from within the client organization.
  3. Project manage the implementation to insure it’s delivered on time, on budget, with all agreed-upon scope, with a high degree of adoption and satisfaction by users.

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