How Safe is Your Sales Culture from ‘Going Wells Fargo?’

Posted by Everett Hill on Thu, Dec 01, 2016

The talking heads on TV news have moved on to other things, but the popular media continues to reverberate with wrong-headed opinions about the Wells Fargo consumer account debacle.

It’s time to weigh in with clear thinking for sales leaders.

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Are You Looking to Buy What I’m Selling?

Posted by Everett Hill on Wed, Feb 17, 2016

Devoted readers of my blog and newsletter may have been wondering why I haven’t posted recently. I took a detour from my consulting practice by hiring on full time with a client for fourteen months. I had an opportunity to get into a turnaround business (I'm a sucker for turnarounds) and “eat my own dog food” as a CSO. Here's what I learned.

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Five Steps to Powerful Sales Goals

Posted by Everett Hill on Sun, Feb 17, 2013

Mile 25. “It’s still within reach,” I told myself, checking my watch as I approached the parking lot of the Pentagon. I pressed on through the agony that had been my companion for a full hour. This was my third attempt at breaking the magic four-hour barrier for a marathon. Despite dropping a critical 30 seconds at mile 22, I was hopeful I could fulfill my dream at the Marine Corps Marathon.

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Sales Coaching—Art, Science…or Fad?

Posted by Everett Hill on Fri, Aug 31, 2012

This week I contributed to a healthy debate on the topic of “Sales Coaching—Art or Science?” as a guest of Jon Baker on Biz Rocket Radio. I was joined by three other experts in the field: Duane Gingrich, former VP Sales and Marketing, Schneider National Inc; Bob Kelly, Chairman of the Sales Management Association; and Jill Pollard, President of Head Coach Inc.

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3 Lessons in Self Leadership from a Peak Performer

Posted by Everett Hill on Fri, Jul 20, 2012

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Henry Schimberg: The End of a Sales Coaching Era

Posted by Everett Hill on Mon, Jul 02, 2012

Legendary sales leader and CEO Henry Schimberg has passed away.

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What Did Bubba Watson Teach Us About Top Line Sales Performance?

Posted by Everett Hill on Fri, Apr 13, 2012

Did you see how the Masters golf tournament turned out last Sunday?

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Sales Coaching: Pats on the Back Don't Cut It

Posted by Everett Hill on Sat, Feb 04, 2012

I wrote in an earlier blog post that sales coaching is one of the hottest trends in driving B2B sales performance. It's a statistically significant differentiator. One published example comes from the Sales Management Association. In 2010, SMA compared the degree of coaching emphasis among forty-six business-to-business sales organizations. The companies that ranked highest in coaching discipline also grew sales and profits the fastest, and had the lowest sales rep turnover.

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