18 Ways to Be Irreplaceable to Your Strategic Accounts

Posted by Everett Hill on Sun, Jul 10, 2016

In the United States our farmers now produce tenfold the output of their post-WWII grandparents. Advances in mechanization, high-yield varieties, fertilizers, irrigation, and pesticides created a “second agricultural revolution.”

In sales we also have farmers who have revolutionized their output. They’re Strategic Account Managers (SAMs) who lead Strategic Account Management programs. Like their agricultural brethren, SAMs’ contribution to corporate bottom lines has grown exponentially as a result of advances in their craft.

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Are You Looking to Buy What I’m Selling?

Posted by Everett Hill on Wed, Feb 17, 2016

Devoted readers of my blog and newsletter may have been wondering why I haven’t posted recently. I took a detour from my consulting practice by hiring on full time with a client for fourteen months. I had an opportunity to get into a turnaround business (I'm a sucker for turnarounds) and “eat my own dog food” as a CSO. Here's what I learned.

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Sales Performance Just Got a Promotion

Posted by Everett Hill on Sun, Jul 14, 2013

This is my 30th article for “Everett Hill’s Catalyst”, a blog about growing the top line. I’ve shared ideas ranging from leadership principles to sales strategy to sales execution, and the interaction of the three. My guide is an inner compass calibrated by decades of operating experience. The new book “The Three Rules: How Exceptional Companies Think” is aligned with that compass.

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