Sales Strategy: Ice Cold and Refreshing

Posted by Everett Hill on Wed, Jun 05, 2013

In my last article I made the case for building your sales and marketing efforts on a strategic foundation using a compelling value proposition. It’s a crucial idea if you aspire to rise above the noise in your marketplace. Here I outline how to get this done.

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Tags: competitive strategy, b2b sales strategy, value proposition, ideal customer profile

Stop Writing Value Propositions and Start Building Sales Strategy

Posted by Everett Hill on Fri, Apr 26, 2013

“If people [customers] don’t want to come out to the ball park [buy my product], nobody’s going to stop them.” Yogi Berra’s lament about fickle baseball fans came to mind as I reviewed the results of the 2013 Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices Study.

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Tags: product differentiation, Miller Heiman, b2b sales strategy, value proposition